PHP event 和 libevent 扩展都是对 libevent 的封装,前者有 stable 版本且一直在更新而后者只有 beta 版本。本来肯定要选 event 扩展,可是它的 pecl 页面上赫然写着依赖 libevent 扩展。陷入混乱的我给作者写了封邮件,结论是:大胆选 event 扩展。以下是邮件原文:


event extension is an alternative to libevent extension.

You can see “libevent” package listed as a dependency on, but in reality “libevent” extension is declared as conflicting package in package.xml:


I can’t recall why. But you definitely don’t need libevent extension in order to use “event”.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:28:21 +0800 (CST) “Simon Lin” wrote:


I’m just confused that what is the relation between event package and libevent package? The pecl page shows event package has stable versions while libevent package does not. If event package depends on libevent package, is event package still stable?

Sincerely, Simon Lin

– Ruslan Osmanov